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Kimberly Hathaway November 7, 2020
Get Outside of Your Comfort Zone and Make More Money Gigging

We all get in ruts, but with gig work, it could affect your income. It’s been a rough ride for gig workers with the pandemic, many of you have switched it up from rideshare to food delivery or by trying new things like pet services or retail gigs. By mixing up your gig work and […]

Kimberly Hathaway September 1, 2020
How Proposition 22 Will Affect Minority Communities and Drivers

There could not be more at stake with the old adage, “as California goes, so goes the nation” and the upcoming November election when the state’s voters will decide on Proposition 22, a ballot measure that will either allow or deny companies Uber, Lyft and others to continue classifying drivers and delivery workers as independent contractors. […]

Kimberly Hathaway August 3, 2020
Gig Workers: Apply for your forgivable PPP loan now

Trying to keep up with the relief proposals out of Washington is enough to make a gig worker’s head spin. You have a few days to apply for a forgivable PPP loan, but you need to act fast. Funds for the Paycheck Protection Program’s Economic Injury Disaster Loans (EIDL) program have been allocated, but loan applications […]

Kimberly Hathaway July 9, 2020
Tax Tips for Gig Workers

Gig workers, are you ready for the July 15 extended tax filing date? When tax time rolled around on April 15 the world was in the thick of the COVID-19 pandemic. In the midst of lockdown orders and people terrified to pick up food or groceries for fear of contracting the virus, gig workers became […]

Kimberly Hathaway October 10, 2019
How to Pay Your Taxes With Instant Gigs

Wish there was a simpler way to pay your taxes online? Learn how to find online freelance jobs to pay your tax debt in this article. There are very few things that every human on earth agrees on. One of them is that EVERYONE hates taxes, and paying your taxes is a headache. For those […]

Kimberly Hathaway September 26, 2019
5 Reasons Why Freelancing Is Better Than a 9 to 5

Wondering if freelancing is for you? Here are 5 awesome benefits of online freelancing you should know about. Every year 100,000’s of people make the leap from 9-to-5 to freelance, and the trend is only increasing. Currently, a whopping 56.7 million Americans are working either online or locally as freelancers according to a study done by […]

Kimberly Hathaway August 12, 2019
What Freelance Jobs Are Out There?

Trying to find freelance jobs online? Read this article to discover how Stoovo can help you find 100,000’s of online freelance jobs that pay instantly. Experienced online freelancers know that the hardest part about freelancing isn’t mastering the service you provide. The real challenge is maintaining a constant stream of freelance clients who you can do business […]

Kimberly Hathaway August 6, 2019
How to Pay Off Your Loans With Instant Gigs

Looking for the easiest way to pay your loans online? Keep reading to discover how you can find online freelance jobs to pay off your loans instantly. If you’re early in your career or still a student, the thought of your debt probably sends shivers down your spine. For many, student, car, or personal loans […]

Kimberly Hathaway March 10, 2019
Tax-Deductible Expenses for Freelancers

The tax-filing season is here again. As a freelancer, you must be feeling burdened with dual tax liabilities — income tax and self-employment tax. But, did you know that you can claim tax deduction for several categories of expenses? Knowing the nature of your expenses can help you to optimize the tax outflow and maximize […]

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